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'Havana Curveball' premieres at S.F. Jewish Film Festival
SF Chronicle [Sam Whiting. July 30, 2014]

'Havana Curveball' isn't just about baseball
Boulder Weekly [Amanda Moutinho. February 11, 2016]

Review: Havana Curveball
Jewish Baseball News [Stuart M. Katz. July 24, 2015]

6 Movies to See at the Seattle Jewish Film Festival
Seattle Met [Bernard Ellouk. March 12, 2015]

Boy's Inspired Mitzvah Home Run
San Diego Jewish Journal [Michael Fox. February 2015]

How One S.F. Teen's Cuba Cuban Sacrifice Fly Anticipated A
Diplomatic Grand Slam

KQED [Michael Fox. February 8, 2015]

Ken Schneider's 'Havana Curveball' still a hit with fans
SF Chronicle [Sam Whiting. February 2, 2015]

Cuba film makes Bay Area man a witness to history [Ken Schneider. January 22, 2015]

2015 Children's Film Festival Seattle kicks off with a classic
The Seattle Times [John Hartl. January 22, 1015]

Havana Curveball Films Cuba Through Child's Eyes
Miami New Times [Hans Morgenstern. January 19, 2015]

4 Latin Jewish Movies at Miami Film Festival
The Jewish Daily Forward [Hilary Saunders. January 18, 2015]

Surprises in the night sky over Twin Peaks
SF Chronicle [Leah Garchick. December 23, 2014]

American Filmmaker Gets Rare Chance to Screen Movie in Cuba
ABC 7 [Jonathan Bloom. December 19, 2014]

In Havana when the news arrived
SF Chronicle [Leah Garchick. December 18, 2014]

Cucalorus Film Festival Kicks Off Its 20th Year
Sage Island [Lanette Jorgensen. November 13, 2014]

Baseball fan learns about red tape in 'Havana Curveball'
Tallahassee Democrat [Mark Hinson. November 21, 2014]

Havana Curveball: Family, Roots, Transnationalism, Connections, and Politics
Politic 365 [Melissa Skolnick. August 1, 2014]

Giving Back: A Rite of Passage, interview with Ken and Marcia
Students of the World. [August 1, 2014]

Interview with Marcia Jarmel, Wanda's Picks Radio Show
[August 1, 2014]

Local documentarians shine in S.F. Jewish film fest
Jweekly [July 31, 2014]

Ripped From the Headlines at S.F. Jewish Film Festival
KQED Arts [Michael Fox. July 24, 2014]

Through a Jewish Lens
The Bay Area Reporter Online [David Lamble. July 24, 2014]

Movies During Wartime: San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Fandor [Michael Fox. July 24, 2014]

Bar mitzvah project goes the distance in ‘Havana Curveball’
JWeekly. [Abra Cohen. July 17, 2014]

SF Jewish Film Festival Exudes a Sense of Responsibility
Eat Drink Films [Michael Fox. July 17, 2014]

In Focus: Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider on Havana Curveball
SF Film Society Blog [July 14, 2014]

S.F. Jewish Film Fest choc full of premieres, from Bay Area and abroad
JWeekly [Dan Pine. June 26, 2014]

SFJFF World Premiere Press Release
[June 24, 2014]

‘Havana Curveball’ A Family Film About Baseball, Bar Mitzvahs
and the Cuban Embargo

3200 Stories: A publication of the Jewish Community Center
in San Francisco [December 11, 2012]

Mica on Damon Bruce Show Podcast
KNBR 680 AM/1050 AM [July 30, 2012]

Got Balz? Update + Cuban Baseball Autographs
Baseball by the Letters [Tom Owens. May 21, 2012]

Al Rosen Autographs For A Cause
Baseball by the Letters [Tom Owens. May 15, 2012]

A Weekly Examination of the Jewish Sports World
Jewocity: Bagels and Jocks [Matt Goldberg. May 14, 2012]

Three Days to Save a Worthy Film
Open Salon [Dan Lybarger. May 13, 2012]

Help ‘Got Balz?’ Get (Base) Ball, Book and More
JewishSportsCollectibles [Joshua Platt. May 11, 2012]

Six days to save a worthy film
Arkansas Democratic Gazette [Dan Lybarger. May 9, 2012]

For fans, love fades but hatred lasts forever
SF Gate [Leah Garchik. May 9, 2012]

Jewish baseball documentary needs final funding
Jewish Baseball News [Scott Barancik. May 8, 2012]

Films Convey Reality Better than Words
Talking Writing [Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider. May 7, 2012]

Got Balz? Baseball Diplomacy Through a Bar Mitzvah
Politic365 (Daily Grito) [Matthew Stieglitz. May 1, 2012]

American teen creates ‘bar mitzvah inspired’ doc
Jewish News One [April 30, 2012]

A Bar Mitzva Project of International Proportions
New Jersey Jewish News [Ron Kaplan. April 29, 2012]

To Cuba, With Baseballs
Israel Times [Nathan Burstein. April 13, 2012]

S.F. Teen’s Bar Mitzvah Project a Home Run for Kids in Cuba — and for Filmmaker Parents
JWeekly [Andy Altman-Ohr. February 17, 2011]

Schneider-Jarmel Clan Take ‘Balz’ to Cuba
P360 [Michael Fox. February 2, 2011]

Cuban Documentary - Sending Baseball Gear to Cuba
Havana Journal [2011]